• Triple Bed Appartment

    Spacious, bright 2-room apartments with kitchen, bathroom and large balkony.The Guest house has a total of 10 apartments of three people.

  • SingleBed - Overdouble

    This is the second room of the apartment. We rented separately but is used by the family for their children. Second pair can not stay.


Stomio (or Stomion) is a coastal village in the prefecture of Larissa, and until 2010 the seat of the municipality Evrymenon repealed. It combines resort mountain (Kissavos) and sea and is located near the delta of the river Peneus. In place of the ancient city Evrymenes. Sightseeing the Byzantine Monastery Monastery Komnineios Koimiseos Mary & St. Demetrius (or Mary Komnenian Oikonomeiou).

Bbecause of the rich and shallow sandy beach Stomio is ideal for family holidays. Hallmark of Stomio is the lighthouse on the beach near the port. Every summer there are various cultural events, culminating in the Festival of the Sea (with the feast of sardines), which attracts many people from different regions. Besides, the nozzle is reputed as one of the largest fisheries. Also fair is held at the monastery in August, the feast of Our Lady.

Stomio is the patron Saint Nicholas. It is based elementary, middle school, police station, port terminals, regional clinics and public camping. In the area of ​​the mouth are the camps of St. Demetrios and St. Friday and camps KETHEA the Apostle Paul.


Stomio was named Tsagezi old. This name comes from the Turkish language (the words agzi-tea) meaning “river mouth” (mouth). And though the current name has the same origin because of the estuary (river mouth) of Pineos river. Note that the delta of the Pineos near the inlet is protected wetland of European Ecological Network Natura 2000. The inlet is referred to as the northernmost port of the Greek state by the release of Thessaly in 1881 until the liberation of Macedonia in 1912

Official Website of Municipality Evrymenon
LUCC Larissa Prefecture
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Your apartment has a bathroom and shower just for your personal needs and not shared with any other apartment. Located at your place without leaving your apartment.

Your apartment has a balcony with a table and chairs overlooking the sea of Stomio. You can drink coffee and read your newspaper while gazing at the Aegean Sea.

There is a kitchen room in your appartment for your personal use. We offer you all appliances to cook full meals for your family.

On the ground floor there is a "cafe-bar-ouzo" where among other things, served neat breakfasts, delicious homemade dishes and fine champagne. We pay special attention to cleanliness and good service.