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Pinios Delta

22 Mar

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The most striking point is around the wooden bridge over the Peneus, in front of which is the sea. The delta of the Peneus, is relatively small and consists of flat areas on the dunes interrupted by clumps of tall trees under which the river flows. The tributaries, fjords, the settlement of Alexandria with houses that reflect the red roofs on the water,

small secluded beaches where fish figures and boats that pass through every now and then the property-all water creates a very atmospheric setting.

The wetland is distinguished for its biodiversity. Has reeds, alders, sycamores, poplars, willows, sedges and hosts at least 225 bird species, many of which are rare or protected (including the cormorants, herons and flamingos). Protected by the Ramsar Convention and is also included in the list of proposed sites for inclusion in the European network of protected areas Natura 2000. Game reserve and is closed to fishing during the breeding season.

Your apartment has a bathroom and shower just for your personal needs and not shared with any other apartment. Located at your place without leaving your apartment.

Your apartment has a balcony with a table and chairs overlooking the sea of Stomio. You can drink coffee and read your newspaper while gazing at the Aegean Sea.

There is a kitchen room in your appartment for your personal use. We offer you all appliances to cook full meals for your family.

On the ground floor there is a "cafe-bar-ouzo" where among other things, served neat breakfasts, delicious homemade dishes and fine champagne. We pay special attention to cleanliness and good service.